Project Team Building

Assembling a project team could be a daunting task and could make the different between the success and failure of any project.

A project team should comprise of carefully selected professionals that share the same purpose/goal as they are to perform activities that contribute towards achieving a set business or project objectives. The skills and the experiences of team members must be complementary in order to achieve the defined project goal.

At Pro-EXECUTES, we provide you with verified professionals that have worked on similar projects at similar location which improve project delivery standards, turn-around and cost optimisation.

Our Processes Ensure Thats:

  • Our crop of professionals discusses and share thoughts and opinions as one.
  • They Share the responsibility that ensures the lighter workload.
  • And they are Supportive of one another to achieve goals faster.

The Hallmark of our team revolves around;

  • Active participation,
  • Effective and constructive communication,
  • Flexibility,
  • Reliability, and
  • Commitment.
We ensure we provide you with a group of individuals blended into a cohesive team, a group of professionals organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of dynamic project by accomplishing a purpose, set objectives, and goals.

Maximizing the outcome of our professional team:
  • Astute Leadership and Efficient Management Skills:
    Leadership and management go hand in hand. They are not the same thing but they are necessarily linked and complementary. Maximizing the outcome of a team takes both effective leadership and management skills to plan, organize, coordinate, Inspire and motivate. Pro-EXECUTES is proud of the ability to blend the two for a unique purpose
  • Team communication:
    Honest and effective communication is a pre-requisite for building trust and is crucial for a healthy and effective delivery of project objectives. With clear-cut and specific instructions project team members are able to align themselves to one common goal.
  • Conflict Management:
    Conflicts can be constructive and healthy for a project if managed properly. It can also aid in developing individuals and improving the project at hand by building on the individual assets of team members. More so, conflicts engineers our team to identify possible defects in a solution, confront it and choose the better option. We understand the dynamics of conflict, which aids our ability to solving issues in dynamic ways.
  • Team Motivation:
    Achievable and realistic tasks cum deadlines are set within the capabilities of team members. Pro-EXECUTES Team Motivation is anchored on the following:
    • Encourage Performance,
    • Improve Morale and
    • Build loyalty.
    These ensure professional team members are always supportive and encouraging working onset projects.

Project Consulting & Management

Pro-EXECUTES is excited to present a revolutionary approach to Project Management. Leveraging on our global database of verified professionals, we have experienced project manager to mid-wife project delivery to time and costs.

The time for changing out-dated Project Manager sourcing is here, with a full service out of the box Project Management service.

Pro-EXECUTES is at the cutting edge with this full-service offering that reduces cost, your management burden, and overhead, and increases quality and accountability for project management as a whole.

From getting the right project manager assigned to your project at the right time, to enhanced project reporting solution we will help your projects to be more successful at reduced cost and less time. We also work with your business in diverse ways, and for various lengths of time, based on the nature and complexity of your project.
Pro-EXECUTES project consulting services available:
  • Staff augmentation or interim management :
    When your current staff is working beyond capacity or over stretched, you can look to Pro-EXECUTES for supplementary help on either a short-term or an on-going basis. Pro-EXECUTES can also be instrumental in helping to move your initiatives forward in the absence of one of your senior-level managers.
  • Resource-based project consulting i.e. (Cost Recovery Audit)
    Resource-based project consulting can be fully customized to fit the scope of your project. You can choose to complete your current team by adding just one specialist or you might prefer to outsource an entire project to various experts.
  • Deliverable-based project consulting i.e. (Business process outsourcing)
    For bigger or more complex initiatives, an end-to-end project consulting solution is an option. When you work with a staffing agency that is partnered with a full-service consulting firm, you have access to everything you need. Experts are well equipped to implement new tools and improved processes as they work through each project phase. They are also accountable for project oversight and ownership. Then, when the project is complete, they can ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge back to your team.

    Want to know more about our project staffing solutions?

    Pro-EXECUTES specializes in professional services consulting, which is delivered through our unique blend of interim management staffing and project consulting options.

    By working with Pro-EXECUTES, leveraging on our enviable database of verified professionals and project management skills, we undertake projects for you and deliver at cost only.

    We can also provide organizations with a full range of project consulting services in:

    • Internal audit and financial advisory
    • Risk and compliance
    • Transaction services
    • Business process improvement
    Want to discover more regarding our interim management staffing, financial staffing, and project consultant solutions? Give us a call today

Project Contracting / Execution

We have an outstanding reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and maintaining the required quality standards.

We assure that our clients’ corporate goals and business benefits are realized through a controlled, well-managed, evident set of activities to accomplish the aspired results.

Best global project management practice is embedded in everything we do which has enabled us to provide a joined-up holistic capability to deliver multi-disciplinary services.

Only a few organizations have the world-class skills and experience needed to deliver the full spectrum of services across every stage of the project life-cycle.